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D H Dunlap Associates Inc. provides a complete line of architectural services for large or small scale construction projects and is recognized for reliable technical expertise and design excellence. Our qualified team of professional architects, engineers and administrative professionals has successfully managed a diverse range of residential and commercial building projects in the Peabody region with outstanding results.

D H Dunlap Associates Inc. seeks to integrate practical architectural solutions through a variety of services that include:

  • Project conception
  • Schematic design
  • Project development
  • Construction documents
  • Construction bid and negotiations
  • Construction project management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Site selection
  • Building condition audits
  • Programming
  • Interior design
  • 3D renderings and promotional materials
  • Site representation
  • Contract preparation

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Mission Statement

“Our Philosophy is focused on pragmatic planning strategies, designing with intent, and a comprehension of how our buildings will impact the functional, social, and environmental needs of its inhabitants.”

- David H. Dunlap Jr., President

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Committed to building close working relationships with our clients, D H Dunlap Associates Inc. also strives to add value to the local Peabody community through our use of sustainable materials and our dedication to maintaining the highest industry standards.

Working with an experienced architect at any stage of your construction project helps to avoid delays and errors in design and performance. D H Dunlap Associates Inc. can help you achieve the most cost effective and exclusive architectural designs that meet the needs of your commercial or residential development projects from start to finish. Contact our professional team of architects for a hands-on, personalized approach that is rarely found with larger firms by calling us today.

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What's New

Our most recently completed project is the East Longmeadow Skilled Nursing Facility. The program for this project is provided to by Berkshire Health Systems, and encompasses not only state of the art care facility but one that reflects their mission goals by providing Life Enrichment Programs and services to meet the needs of the frail elders in a home-like setting. They will be grouped in four separate population type which gives the care givers the opportunity to focus on a specific groups of individuals who have similar needs so they can provide a stated outcome.

This facility will have a number of key ingredients, to many to mention, however, the key elements are the focus on a high level of care which will be enhanced by the physical plan: each resident will have his own room with a private bath and shower; the room is located off a function and aesthetically pleasing corridor, the common areas have been designed to be free-flowing, without doors to impede progress, allowing for ease of access by residents with mobility issues. The facility has a circular flow which ease of access for the care givers, administrative staff and visitors. The courtyard has been designed to be therapeutic, aesthetically pleasing, provide area for outdoor activities, café and gazebo for social interaction and passive enjoyment. Berkshire Health Systems is also focused on a campus approach that will re-use the existing skilled care facility and converted to a Life Enrichment program for Memory Care once the Replacement Facility has been constructed and occupied.

Utilizing an existing facility is not only cost-effective but shortens the construction phase allowing this project to come online quicker. Since Berkshire Health System has completed a joint development with a partner who is designing and constructing a Medical Office Building, these two additional facilities will add another dimension for providing care for the geriatric populations that they serve, and it will become a community service for the towns of Longmeadow and East Longmeadow and beyond.